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Promotions forming technology

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  • Better measuring

    Better measuring

    Clamping force measuring systems from Berg & Co. for reliably checking the clamping force of your BERG products in forming machines – in modular design and perfectly tailored.

  • Better testing

    Better testing

    User-orientated universal testing control systems from Berg & Co.: for testing your BERG clamping systems directly and conveniently on the forming machine.

  • Better control

    Better control

    Bus-compatible clamping systems from Berg & Co. combine two high-performance technologies: BERG die clamping systems and AS-Interface.

  • Better renewing

    Better renewing

    You can rely on Berg & Co. when you need to replace the hydraulic hoses on your BERG die clamping systems.

  • Better now

    Better now

    We assist you on site with our decades of experience. Choose from our extensive range of services.